Environmental Impact Analytics Platform

Trust and transparency

To build long-term relations and deepen their binds with clients, employees and investors, businesses need to provide clear and transparent proposals that makes it easy to understand their investments allocations choices and the overall impacts of their activities.

Multidimensional Impact Analysis

The Ifeane team focuses on the creation of environmental impact scoring frameworks that provide the foundations of reliable models and data science processes that can be trusted.

Impacts scoring model builder

We believe that scoring models requirements vary according to the type of assets to be scored and the context of deployment of models.

Data science and financial teams can rely on the Ifeane feature store to create complex and modular data-driven quantitative impacts scoring models.

Ifeane impacts scorecards builder

Impacts scorecards are powerful tools that can be leverage by corporations to build trust and lasting relationships with their clients and shareholders. The Ifeane platform integrates graphQL and graph database technologies to allow the deployment of sophisticated dashboards taylored to customers needs.

Ifeane APIs

The Ifeane platform is an API-centric platform providing the flexibility required to integrate data science models and environmental impact data into legacy environments. It provides the fundations to build sophisticated data-driven services.

Data Science Enabler

We focus on the development of data-driven sustainable innovation.