Our mission

Ifeane's mission is to help consumers, business managers and investors make sure that their behaviors and investments can make an impact and that the common good is not lost in short-term profit making at any cost.

Our value proposition

Ifeane provides data processing technologies and impact scoring methodologies to help financial institutions and insurers seize the opportunities and mitigate the risks associated to the ecological transition and climate change.

Environmental impacts analysis

The Ifeane team focuses on the quantitative analysis of environmental impacts that directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ifeane Impact Scoring Models

Ifeane creates impact scoring models with a methodology oriented towards the analysis of economic activities that make a substantive contribution to climate change mitigation and sustainable resources management.

Development of impact-focused services

Younger generations begin to exert a greater pressure on what businesses should seek to achieve. They are looking for services and solutions that help them align their behaviors and investments with their values. The Ifeane platform provides the required data and technologies to build highly personalized impact-focused services.

Fueling the energy transition

The Ifeane platforms provide financial institutions with data and models that help them size the opportunities associated to the management of the energy transition. As the demand for electricity is expected to grow seven times faster than for other energy sources, investments and portofolios strategies need to evolve to keep pace with a very high level of innovation.

The greenwashing threat

"Sustainable funds that promise to align your money with your values are often more marketing than science.”
Bloomberg - How Socially Responsible Investing Lost Its Soul

At Ifeane we believe that trust and credibility are core values needed to build long-term relations and deepen binds with investors. When promoting impact-focused investments opportunities, the real value is in honoring and serving the individual values of each client. The Ifeane goal is to provide data and scoring models that give every investor the capacity to understand how companies selected for impact investing can stimulate positive environmental change.

Ifeane Beta

We are launching the Ifeane platform in partnership with selected financial institutions. Please contact us if you would like to learn more on our product roadmap and launch plan.